Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some new blog stuff

Google have very kindly provided some extra blog features and I've included two of them in the left-hand column (over there <<<<<<<<<<< ).

The first is a 'poll' feature. As the stats for this site show that there have been nearly 1000 unique visitors, most of whom arrived at the tutorial on checking and adjusting the timing and my lament on the all too common error message "check if thread is entangled, check if needle is bent", I thought it would be interesting to see whether people were finding the information helpful. I'd therefore be grateful if you could answer the question and let me know!

The second is Google's "Translate" feature. I've included this because the stats for this site show that there are visitors from right around the world including such places as Afghanistan and Venezuela! I don't know how good the translate feature actually is, or whether the subtle irony in some of my posts comes across, but some may find it useful so there you go.

More soon, no doubt....