Tuesday, 22 October 2013

That's all, folks...

Well, it was fun while it lasted but a change in direction means that we are no longer making and selling motifs. Rather, our hair bow project has really taken off and all our time is spent supporting that. That also means that our collection of PE150s, etc, has been retired. I haven't quite decided what to do with them yet, or the collection of spare parts that I've built up over the years. But what this does all mean is that I've no more posts about the machines for this blog which I now intend to close. When I say 'close', I'll leave it in place for reference purposes - it still gets plenty of hits each month and I hope people find it helpful. I'll also be on hand to answer any PE150 related questions which come up (as they do from time to time), but otherwise, this is probably my last post on here. Since I do enjoy the occasional blog post, however, I'll be opening a brand new site which covers the various fixes and repairs I do to my other stuff. I've also given up smoking and started vaping and the mod bug has already started to bite. If I do anything worthwhile in that regard I'll be sure to post it on the new blog which can be found here:

So, take it easy and enjoy your embroidering.