Monday, 7 January 2013

PE150 Main Power Board Fix (in theory, at least...)

Since I've recently been asked about the fix that I've been promising for the last 18 months, I thought I'd share the theory. I have repaired one of my broken boards using the parts I've obtained however I've not tested it with a motor yet. For information, the repair requires the replacement of the:
  • optocoupler - TLP750
  • mosfet - FS3UM-9
  • transistor - 2SC1740
These three items are circled in yellow on the picture below. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may also be necessary to replace the diode and zener diode (circled in pink on the picture below). Since I had the board and soldering iron out, I also replaced the capacitors on the board. Finally, I tested that the soldering was good. As soon as I have a spare motor to risk sacrificing, I'll give the repair a test....

 More soon, no doubt.