Monday, 1 October 2012

A bit more on timing....

If you are having regular problems with timing slips and you're not trying to embroider heavy fabric or experiencing some other issue such as with thread tension, then it is possible that the bevel gear on the main shaft is loose. Specifically, the grubs screws in the gear have slackened off and any resistance in hook area causes an easy slip. It will be easier to explain with a few pictures.

You need to remove the outer casing to access the gear which can be seen just under the handle in this picture:

Here is a close up of the bevel gear and one of the grub screws (which takes a 3mm allen key)

And from a different angle:

So, if you are having repeated problems with timing slips you should investigate the bevel gear. To do that you need to follow steps 1 to 9 of the Take it apart tutorial. Then, using your allen key, back off the two grub screws in the gear and then reposition the gear against the corresponding plastic gear underneath. Turning the handwheel slightly ensures that everything goes into place snuggly! Retighten the grub screws and then follow the Check and adjust the timing tutorial. All being well, you'll be able to time the machine! Once you are happy with the timing, refit all the plastic trim and embroider a test pattern to check correct operation.

More soon (including an update on my power board fix which I'm sure now works but I need to buy another motor for testing purposes!)